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This year, we prepared our first CSR report, which recaps all the steps taken by VGL Solid Group and addressed to our key stakeholders. We realize that it is just the beginning of our journey, and there is still so much that we need to do, so we decided to follow this road equipped with the knowledge and experience of those companies and organizations which have already crossed this path’, says Katarzyna Jankowska, HR Director and Management Board Member at VGL Solid Group. ‘We also wish to show that even small steps make a difference and, most importantly, they guide us in one direction and serve as the common ground for many businesses and organizations. We are learning and improving, seeking solutions and possibilities. We are proud that we have an opportunity to cooperate in this respect with the Responsible Business Forum.’

On May 25, 2022, during the biggest CSR event for enterprises – CSR Fairs, VGL Solid Group officially joined the group of the Responsible Business Forum Partners. This marks a historic moment for us, as it is a milestone for our further strategy and CSR development. ‘We are proud to have joined such an outstanding group, so that we can share our experience with leaders of responsible business, who with their engagement and actions contribute to promoting the idea of responsible business in Poland’, encapsulated Katarzyna Jankowska.

By joining the program, companies become a part of the community, a movement which promotes responsible business practices. Before accepting a company as one of the Partners, the Forum explores examples of its positive market practices, and considers the company’s desire and willingness to implement responsible business principles in its everyday operations, and to develop this issue further in Poland.

The experience and actions completed in 2021 will be presented in the soon-to-be-published CSR report and a special tab at www.vgl-group.com.